Individual Instruction

Covid-19 Changes

In person yoga instruction is amazing, both as a student and a teacher. However, we need no reminder that we are currently going through an unusual time, and adaptation is necessary. For our 1:1 class via Zoom, we will still have a consultation to discover what you would like to focus on, and what you are hoping to experience, and we will then conduct class over Zoom! I have been teaching Zoom classes since the beginning of May and have found them to be both enjoyable and beneficial, and all from the comfort of your home! I will work with you to make sure you get to most out of our classes together.

Why Individual Instruction?

I am passionate about helping everyone experience the benefits of yoga. Age, experience, mental and physical ability, scheduling, transportation, and many more things can often be seen as obstacles to developing a yoga practice. With personalized one on one instruction these are no longer limiting factors. I will meet you where you are at, physically and mentally, as well as geographically.

How Do We Get Started?

Before we begin, we will set up a brief 15 minute meeting either in person or on the phone. We will discuss your interests, what drew you to yoga, and where you would like to take your practice. After that I will ask you to fill out a brief intake form, sharing with me any relevant health information, such as medically recommended limitations or past injuries. From here I will create a customized class plan specifically designed to fit your needs.

What Will Class Be Like?

Individual classes take place in the comfort of your home. I will provide a Manduka Pro mat that is thick and comfortable, along with high quality cork blocks and a strap. Based on your goals for your yoga practice, as well as where you are physically each day, we will do a customized class designed to target exactly what you need each day. Personalized modifications, adjustments, and areas of attention are all provided.

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