Group Instruction

Covid-19 Group Instruction

I offer a cost effective group rate for businesses and small groups hoping to enjoy class from home. These classes can be taken before, during, or after the work day, and allow for flexibility while working from home. Take a long lunch with my 45 minute session, or enjoy a full hour session after your day is done. Maximum class size is 10 students, to allow for a more customized and enjoyable experience.

Workplace Instruction

Why its great:

Working in an office setting may not seem like a physically challenging job, but for many of us it involves sitting or standing in the same position for hours at a time. Workplace yoga is designed to specifically target these problem areas and work to open the neck, back and hips, among other areas of discomfort. Workplace yoga also gives employees the opportunity to get a workout in before, during, or after their workday, with the added benefit of not having to make an extra stop.

How it works:

I will come to your office, either before, during, or after the work day and lead an hour-long class designed specifically to meet your workplace needs, varying in difficulty from basic beginner to intermediate. Sessions can be as short as four weeks, or continue indefinitely. This practice will not only help to physically refresh areas of tension, but also provide a moment of mental relaxation and soft focus, helping to create a healthy and balanced work environment for everyone. Mats can be provided at an additional fee. See ‘Pricing’ for more details.

Small Group Instruction

Whether it be for a girls weekend retreat, a party, or just a group of friends with an interest in yoga outside of the studio setting, small group instruction is a wonderful option for a more personalized yoga experience. Much like with individual instruction, small group lessons will take place in a location of your choice, however you are asked to provide mats and any other props that may be needed. You can decide as a group if you’d like to work up a sweat in a fast flowing Vinyasa class, or enjoy deep meditative stretching in a Restorative or Yin class. Pricing varies depending on group size and location.


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